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Wendy has been a public speaker since 2016, sharing her education and wisdom from personal experience. Her topics focus on healthy relationships and communication. Topics include:


  • Healthy Relationships: What Do They Look Like and How to Build Them
  • Healthful Communication: Building the Skills; Gathering the Tools
  • Confidence Building & Performance Preparation for Musicians & Artists: Getting "Out of Your Head" and Into Your Stage Presence
  • Conflict Resolution: Seeing Others Perspectives; How Our Lives Shaped Our Perception
  • Transform Your Life: Communicating with Yourself - How to Find Your Success in Life
  • Meditation/Prayer: Are They the Same? Using Prayer/Meditation to Change Your Life
  • Navigating Parent/Child Dynamics: Using Healthful Communication to Build Parent/Child Relationships

Customized topics are available to fit your organization or businesses needs

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