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Updated: Apr 25, 2022

When is a good time for change? The answer is always -NOW. While it may not always feel like a good time for change, each day has numerous changes happening whether you realize it or not. Now I may be getting a bit nit-picky or looking at this under a microscope, but your body, at a cellular level, literally changes constantly all day every day. So, right there is change.

The reason we humans have such a hard time with change is - our brains. Our wonderful, very complicated yet so simple, brains. I have known for a very long time just from experiencing life that I can get my brain used to change just by accepting that it's happening and communicating to myself that everything is A-okay. The key is to not resist it. The science field now knows that what we TELL our brain is key. Not just what we say or think, but how we feel. The word “tell” is associated with speaking, but your brain picks up on feelings/emotions and thoughts. If you don't already know this, the reason certain memories are more vivid than others is emotion. You remember that time in 4th grade when you were so embarrassed after realizing you had toilet paper on your shoe most of the day? What a silly thing to remember, but it is because of the embarrassment, not the fact that you had toilet paper stuck to your shoe.

So, take that knowledge and use it to your advantage. I think by now we've all heard that we have tens of thousands of thoughts in a day. Most scientists agree on somewhere between 6,000-30,000 per day. There are others who estimate up to 80,000 thoughts a day. Obviously, we are not consciously aware of all of these thoughts. Can you imagine?! So where are they? They're happening in the subconscious mind.

The reason I rant about this is to bring awareness about why change is so hard. It is physically a challenge for the brain with all it’s neurons firing away to change course. But, (as weird as this sounds) if you confidently let the brain know what’s what, change will be easier. When we need to make a major change, like moving to another state or getting a new job, it’s imperative to be aware that you must take charge of the situation. Don’t let your brain or, even worse - your body, drive your vehicle! Your aware mind needs to give direction. So, be the gardener of that wild garden you have up there in your subconscious mind. It’s giving direction to your brain without you even realizing It. If you don‘t consciously tend to it, who knows what kind of weeds may take over!

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