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The first thing that may be noticed about Wendy is that she loves to laugh! She's learned to balance here joyful side and here serious side. She adores her family, music, travel, nature, mountains, the beach, children, animals...

She has been an advocate for children her entire life. Even as a child she looked out for the "underdog", even though she was very tiny for her age. She would stick up for anyone being treated unfairly. Being the youngest of 11 children with 23 nieces and nephews, She grew up with the unique experience of closely observing a vast array of ages, personalities, and situations that spanned four generations. 

As an adult, she married and had three children of her own, all three with very distinct personalities and learning styles. She was an avid volunteer in the community and in her children's school system, including teaching art, music, and religion. 

Her education, careers, and many personal experiences, including a more than difficult divorce allowed her the opportunity to gain perspective on how important communication is in personal interactions, relationships, and conflict resolution. She uses this knowledge to guide others in the area of personal development.

Wendy believes happiness is a choice. While her belief in this is steadfast, she also realizes there are moments in life when we may need time to or even choose to not be happy! Our feelings are very important. It is critical to be aware of how we feel and process those feelings, not hide them or pretend everything is okay. Wendy chose this journey to be of service to others who may not really know what they want in life, who just need a bit of guidance to find their happiness  - to find THEIR SUCCESS!


Wendy graduated magna cum laude with psychology degree with an emphasis on organizational psychology. Organization, communication, conflict resolution, and compassion were essential in Wendy's initial career as a paralegal/office manager for 20 years. However, her desire to make a difference in the world took her in another direction.

She decided to educate herself in the area of health and wellness. Her first adventure brought her to Dahn Yoga, where she practiced yoga and meditation. She acquired her Energy Life Principles Management certification in 2011 reaching the level of Dotong Gunja. In 2014, she obtained her certification as a health and wellness coach from Integrative Health and Wellness in San Diego.

In 2016, she created a non-profit organization called Fit Young Minds to bring awareness to and educate youth on healthy relationships and healthful communication. She provided this education through speaking presentations and workshops. In 2018, she became a behavioral therapist, obtaining her certification as a Registered Behavioral Therapist and began working with children with special needs.

Wendy's career has allowed her experience in a vast array of media projects, including creation of movies and television series; film production and post production; video marketing; public speaking and workshops; blogging; social media influencing; several appearances on television & radio; professional singing; vocal coach; wedding officiant with f/up couples guidance. She is also an author whose children's series "Julia Wonders..." is in the process of being published. She has begun her next project of writing a book about perspective and perception.


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